About Us

SKYTECH EDUCATION is a private Limited Company working in different segments of education. Our programs have been devised for the students, as per their grooming needs, and are backed by industry professional & achievers in their respective fields. With total emphasis on QUALITY and INNOVATION, We provide student with a fresh, interactive, activity-based learning atmosphere at SKYTECH Education.

We have a wide range of interesting training modules. We believe that each individual can be successful if given proper & personalized attention. SKYTECH Education has developed a set of certificate Courses Each for long duration and short duration. The long term courses vary from duration of six months to one year. The special short term certificate courses are of three months duration and are specifically job oriented.


  1. Small class sizes (smaller than tutorial classes)
  2. Instructors who know your name ( not just your roll number )
  3. Job oriented courses.
  4. Innovative ways of teaching to make learning interesting for the students.
  5. Flexible timings (we know you are busy; classes are designed to fit your routine)
  6. Emphasis on quality.
  7. Unique sense of community
  8. Reasonable fees (lots of discounts, free classes and student incentive!)
  9. 100% Job Assistance
  10. 100% Student satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most respected and innovative source of teaching, learning and research solution by providing best teaching through experienced faculty.

Core Values

- Integrity
- Respect
- Commitment
- Collaboration

Form Director's Desk

Dear friends,

In the recent days India has inspired awe in the field of software as well as hardware and networking. Therefore, international IT Companies like CISCO, I.B.M., Microsoft, Intel, have started to invest in India. According to fresh statistics, in the forthcoming years lacs of job opportunities will be available in the IT sector.

In these days, millions of candidates having traditional qualifications like B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., B.E., Diploma are unable to find the jobs suitable to their qualifications. On the other hand thousands of companies are facing scarcity of skilled IT professionals. To find out the solution on this paradoxical situation, Skytech Education has developed various career oriented International IT programs. These specially designed programs has a potential to grab number of opportunities in the national and international IT sector . Today we are proud to say that more than 500 students have been placed across various cities in various sectors, and most others have commenced their own business.

…So what are you waiting for? Just knock at the door of any Skytech Education Study Center nearest to you and enter into your dream world where success eagerly awaits to shower its blessings on you.

Managing Director

Skytech Education